KS International, LLC (KSI) is a global provider of mission critical

engineering and development services and solutions to the United States

Government. KSI has an established presence on 5 continents with over

1,200 employees globally. From engineering and training to life cycle support

KSI provides a continuum of services that enable key agencies such

as the Department of State, Department of Defense, and Department

of Homeland Security to effectively execute critical missions.

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Strategic Principles

Strategic Principles

There are five principles that are the foundation of our company. Our goal is to ensure we adhere to them and develop plans and tactics to ensure they are embodied in all that we do. They are as follows:

  • Vision
  • People
  • Communication
  • Differentiation
  • Ethics

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KSI Capabilities

We specialize in deploying highly skilled, technical personnel to remote, austere environments, and have completed projects in over 150 countries worldwide.

KSI’s differentiated capabilities are built on our seven areas of domain expertise.

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Hot Jobs

Hot Jobs

KS International has more than 1200 employees across the world on various projects as far afield as Sudan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, and the Middle East.

Despite its global reach, the remote and austere workplaces, and diverse languages, cultures and outlooks of its employees, KS International retains a family ethos - a 'band of brothers and sisters' working for common goals of excellence.

With senior management leading from the front - in the field - the workplace is familiar, sympathetic and supportive.

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KS International First Quarter Newsletter -- July 2012

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May 29, 2012

New Private Security Contractor (PSC) rules in Iraq -- KSI is pleased to announce that KSI has been granted a Security License Extension based on the new rules of the Government of Iraq (GOI). This is a true honor giving us a rare distinction. It further demonstrates our cooperation in compliance with the GOI laws and rules for service as a PSC. When choosing a security services provider in Iraq, be sure to choose one that meets the new licensing requirements.

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Explore the services we offer you:


Technical and Professional Services

KSI provides cradle to grave professional and technical support to the United States Government and commercial customers, to include program management, acquisition support and engineering support services.


Engineering and Construction

KSI’s engineering and construction certified professionals, pre-qualified subcontractors and a cadre of in-house skilled tradesmen provide construction life cycle support to Federal Agencies and commercial clients worldwide.


Technical and Physical Security

KSI provides a full range of security services, including design of specialized and secure areas. We have certified protection engineers on staff who are able to mobilize quickly to respond to security requirements anywhere in the world.


Operations, Maintenance, Logistics

KSI provides turnkey life support, operations, maintenance and logistics for multiple U.S. Government and commercial installations around the world.


Emergency Management Services

KSI provides fire and emergency management services in austere and sensitive environments worldwide, in accordance with local, state, federal, military and National Fire Protection Association standards.



KSI training operations provide training, mentoring, and advisory services to domestic and international military and law enforcement entities to enhance and strengthen their capabilities to counter crime.


Personal Protective Services

KSI’s approach to Protective Security Detail (PSD) work is to maintain a low profile and to enforce respectful interactions while conducting PSD operations in foreign countries.


KSI Videos

KS International is proud of its achievements and the work which it carries out around the world. Watch KSI’s videos to see how we support our customers.


What’s New

KSI Quarterly Newsletter – July 2012.